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What's On along Fleet Road


Christmas Market 

Fleet Road will be crammed full with a truly huge Christmas Market of over 120 stalls selling hot and cold food and drink, gifts and decorations.  Everything you could want to start your serious Christmas shopping and keep yourself festively fed and watered at the same time!! The full list of all the stalls is available on the website so have a pre-browse and get yourself ready to enjoy all they have to offer.  

LED angel.jpg
Helter Skelter.jpg

Fairground rides

At either end of the Market there will be the Big Wheel and Helter-Skelter.  If anyone wants to take a picture of the Festival Market from the top of the Big Wheel, please send us a copy, via Facebook Messenger!  I bet it will be a fabulous view down the high street from up there with all the stalls and Christmas Lights laid out below you! There will also be smaller kiddies’ rides in the layby by Captured Moment and a whole load more Fun Fair Rides in the car park of the Emporium PH. 

Street Entertainment

Back by popular demand, the Giant Snow Globe will be located just into Victoria Road.  Elves will be ready to guide you in and out of the Globe and to take those all-important photos in the winter wonderland inside.  There’s even time for a bit of fun with all the “snow” (made of vegetable flakes). A proper Christmas experience and one not to be missed,

To keep you entertained while you are browsing the market or waiting for your turn in the Globe, there will be a juggler, a winter enchantress and two stiltwalking angels with LED wings to delight and amaze!

As if that wasn’t enough and new for 2023, there will be a Carol Juke Box on the corner of Fleet Road and Victoria Road!!  You will be able to choose your favourite carol from a list and it will be sung especially for you by talented singers dressed in Victorian costume and in exchange for a donation to charity.

Victorian Carol Juke Box!

Brand new for 2023 and sponsored by our local churches, come and join in the Christmas spirit and make use of the live Christmas Carol Juke Box.  Full 4-part harmony carol singers, in a Victorian setting, will sing your choice of carol for a small donation for Foodbank. Located at the corner of Victoria Road and Fleet Road for the duration of the Christmas Festival, close to the Giant Snow Globe so you can be entertained by brilliant carollers while you wait your turn for the winter wonderland!


Information Tent

If you have any queries or want to say “Happy Christmas” to our wonderful volunteers, we will have an Information Tent on the corner of Upper Street and Fleet Road.  The volunteers will be looking after everyone (with the help of first-aiders and security personnel) and will also be the first stop for lost property and emergencies – though we sincerely hope there won’t be any!!

So, come along and enjoy the biggest event in Fleet’s calendar and definitely the most festive!

Warning to unauthorised pedlars

Pedlars are warned that this is a community event, run by volunteers and is rigorously monitored by Trading Standards and the Police. Any pedlar who does attend must hold, and be prepared to show, a valid Pedlars Certificate and follow the law as set out in the Pedlars Act 1871 and 1881. If pedlars abuse the terms of their certificate, they will be reported to the Police. If pedlars are suspected for selling illegal or poor quality goods then they will be immediately reported to Trading Standards. Pedlars are not permitted to remain in a fixed location and must be continually on the move, stopping only to make a sale. Pedlars must also have and have present a valid Public Liability insurance exceeding £5,000,000.

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